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Hello! My name is Rico Ocepek 👋🏻
I’m a web developer, co-founder of ninetyfive.app and aspiring maker living in Austria.
Currently working on boostful.io and onlinebauer.at

How it started; How it’s going

Building easy to use UIs has always been my passion. Starting at the age of 14, where I first got in touch with web technologies, while studying at the higher technical college (HTL) in Villach.

It all began with coding laggy plain JavaScript animations, went on to slightly less laggy animations based on jQuery until I discovered what modern CSS is capable of doing a couple of years later.

Nowadays I consider myself a CSS nerd that is always looking for the cleanest, most native solution to my design and animation problems. Also I’m a huge fan of automation, may it be deployment pipelines, home automation, etc.

(I’m also not totally terrible at building backends using Laravel and sometimes Node.js.)

Other things I’m interested in

Yeah I know these issues are quite popular right now but I promise I cared about them before it was cool

  • Environmental issues (and how tech can help)
  • Mental health (because it’s something I personally struggle with at times)


  • Apparently web dashboards (more on that in another post)

Wanting beauty

Regardless of what I’m doing it’s all about visually and aesthetically pleasing things for me.

Clean UIs, clean uniform code and cable management at work; the beauty of every day things and nature when I’m not working.

Clean minimalist stuff, that’s what I love.

The struggle with wanting beauty

While this sounds wonderful it’s not always that easy in the real world.

Deadlines, schedules and the fact that I’m not living in a vacuum have a significant impact on the level of beauty I can put into each individual thing I do and therefore on my happiness levels.

Protecting my personal ideals, views and dreams from the outside world, while also being part of and building things for the aforementioned world can be a great challenge at times.

The bright side

Now, I don’t want to depress anyone, including myself - so let’s end this on a positive note:

Life is about balance and one of the balances I’m still trying to find is the one of making stuff beautiful vs. getting stuff done in time.

That’s it. That’s my conclusion. And that’s part of what this blog and summarising and reflecting on my thoughts should help me with.